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A group who cares to share the disparities experienced by other individuals.
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According to Oxfam, financial support needed to reach Education For All in the world is equivalent to:

- Four days’ worth of global military spending

- Half of what is spent on toys in the US every year

- Less than what Europeans spend on computer games or mineral water per year

- Less than 0.1 % of the world’s annual gross national product

Source: Oxfam 2000 Achieving Universal Primary Education, London, Oxfam

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And you cried ‘coz you got Nike instead of Adidas. by Ragavendran / ♥Rags♥ on Flickr.
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A mass burial has been organised in the Philippines for scores of people killed by flash floods on the southern island of Mindanao.
Health officials in the city of Iligan say unclaimed bodies  are being buried after being marked for possible future identification.
Coastal communities were devastated early on Saturday in flash floods triggered by a tropical storm.
More than 650 people were killed and another 800 people are still missing.
Damaged roads are hampering efforts to reach survivors in remote villages.
Officials in Iligan said they were preparing to bury  unclaimed bodies in a mass grave as early as Monday because of their  advanced state of decomposition.
The ports of Iligan and nearby Cagayan de Oro bore the brunt of the flooding.
Health officer Liddy Villarin said the body bags would be marked for possible exhumation.
"We will put markings on the cadaver bags which will give the  physical features of each body before they put them in the mass grave,"  she said.
SOURCE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-16239691
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There is no greater gift than love. Love in the form of affection, not in the form of material.

-K (disparityawarenessp.tumblr.com)

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Teach your children love, not violence.

- K (disparityawarenessp.tumblr.com)

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